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Why CorpIT Technology for ITIL® ?

CorpIT Technology’s key differentiators for Intermediate ITIL® Trainings.

CorpIT Technology is an “Accredited Training Organization” (ATO)for conducting ITIL® trainings. Please note that ITIL®2011 foundation course is unregulated for its training delivery and it is not a mandatory requirement to be an ATO for conducting an ITIL® Foundation course. The higher level of courses (ITIL2011 Intermediate etc.)can be delivered by an organization only if it is an ATO. CorpIT Technology brings the same level of quality standards for ITIL® foundation which it does for higher level of ITIL certification courses, being an ATO.

CorpIT Technology has its own capability to deliver all coursesinITIL®2011 qualification scheme. Because of this,we are able to offer competitive pricing for all levels of ITIL® trainings.

All our trainers are certified at the highest level of ITIL® qualifications. To be eligible to train on ITIL® Intermediate courses, trainers must be certified in the Individual courses as well as should also hold the ITIL® Expert Status. All our trainers are authorized to impart trainings for all levels of ITIL® scheme.

Our course Material is officially accredited to be comprehensive, effective and complete. Officially accredited material means that you can be assured that it reflects the latest changes and therefore better assurance for success.