Prince2® Foundation Training & Certification - 2 Days

PRINCE2® means PRojects IN Controlled Environment. PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide. The Foundation Certification course is the entry level course to Project Management. This course prepares the delegates to appear for the APMG PRINCE2® Foundation Level Project Management Certification and pass it successfully.

A great place to start, the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification covers the basic methodology and terminology of PRINCE2, and can be achieved with either:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation online learning
  • PRINCE2 Foundation tutor-led classroom courseh

The target audience for the program are professionals interested in pursuing the APMG PRINCE2® Foundation Project Management Certification Examination including anyone, who wants to take up project management including Project Managers, Team Managers, Executives, Project Leaders, Project Co-ordinators, Program and Delivery Managers, Quality Staff (Testing and Quality Assurance), PMP, Testers and Project Controller (PMO Office). There are no pre-requisites or eligibility criteria.

At the end of this course, the learner will gain competencies in:

  • Understand the PRINCE2® method at Foundation level
  • Understand the PRINCE2® Method and Framework
  • What are Projects, Characteristics of Projects
  • The Structure of PRINCE2®
  • Understand the Four Integrated Elements of PRINCE2®
  • Understand the 7 PRINCE2® Principles and their Purpose
  • Learn the 7 PRINCE2® Themes and their Purpose
  • Learn the 7 PRINCE2® Processes, their Purpose, Objectives, Activities and Outputs
  • Understand the PRINCE2® Project Management team Roles and their Responsibilitiese
  • Key PRINCE2® Project Management Products and why and where they are created

PRINCE2® encourages formal recognition of responsibilities within a project and focuses on what a project is to deliver, why, when and for whom. PRINCE2® provides projects with:

  • A controlled and organized start, middle and end
  • A common, consistent approach
  • Regular reviews of progress against plan and against the Business Case flexible decision points
  • Automatic management control of any deviations from the plan
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place during the project
  • Good communication channels between the project, project management, and the rest of the organization
  • A means of capturing and sharing lessons learned
  • A route to increasing the project management skills and competences of the organization’s staff at all levels.

This course includes following topics:

  • Structured Approach to Managing Projects
  • The Process-based Approach
  • Business Case
  • Plans
  • Progress
  • Change
  • Quality
  • Risk